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Preformance of an experiment

Preformance of an experiment

Recommended minimum and extended description of experiments conducted in growth chamber (GC) glasshouse (GH), open top chamber (OTC), experimental garden or in the field (modified from Table 2 from Poorter at al 2012)





-    For GC: Continuous recording of the photosynthetic photon fux density (PPFD), minimum one per hour, more frequent measurement recommended) in several points of the greenhouse (3-8)

-    Average daily integrated PPFD measured at plant or canopy level (molm–2 day–1)

-    Avarage length of the light period (h)

-    Light quantity: type of lamps used & R/FR ratio (mol mol–1)

-     For GC: diffuse / reflected light. A large proportion of light is diffuse in a greenhouse reflected by soil would be advisable. >> protocol.

-     Map of light intensity in the greenhouse (with hemispheric photographs and/or a large number of sensors).

-     Range in peak light intensity (mmolm–2 s–1)

-     For GH and OTC: fraction of outside light intercepted by growth facility components and surrounding

-     Structures: plant height for calculation of intercepted light in the artificial canopy of the experiment (for late stages only)

-     Light quantity:

R/FR ratio (mol mol–1) ;

Daily UV-B radiation (Wm–2);

Total daily irradiance (Wm–2);


-     For GC: continuous record of air temperature (minimum every 10 minutes) in several points within the greenhouse

-     Sensors (thermistances or thermocouples), preferably in different points of the greenhouse

-     Organ temperature measurement

-     Soil temperature


-    Continuous monitoring of humidity and air temperature (to calculate VPDair),


Water supply 

-    For pots: Volume (L) and frequency of water added per container or m2

-    Average day and night temperature (_C)

-     For soil: range in water potential (MPa)

-     For soil: irrigation from top/bottom/drip irrigation

-     Changes over the course of the experiment


-    For hydroponics: composition

-    For soil: total extractable N before fertiliser added

-    For soil: type and amount of fertilizer added per container or m2 

-    Salinity: Composition of nutrient solutions used for irrigation

-     For soil: concentration of P and other nutrients before the start of the experiment

-     For soil: total extractableNat the end of the experiment

-     Salinity:

    hydroponics: composition of the salts (mol L–1)

    soils and hydroponics: electrical conductivity (dSm–1)


-    For GC and GH: controlled/uncontrolled

-     Average [CO2] during the light and dark period (mmol mol1)