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Preparation of an experiment

Recommended minimum and extended description of experiments conducted in growth chamber (GC) glasshouse (GH), open top chamber (OTC), experimental garden or in the field (modified from Table 2 from Poorter at al 2012)





-       Start of experiment (month and year)

-       Duration (days/months/years)


Experiment location

-      Geographic indication

-       Latitude and longitude

Type of growth facility

-       Growth chamber (GC)/glasshouse (GH)/open top chamber (OTC)/experimental garden/field


Seed source 

-       Origin, pretreatments 

-       Age, conservation conditions 

Rooting medium 

-       Water-based hydroponics/solid-based hydroponics including substrate used/soil type

-       Container volume (L)

-       Number of plants per container

-       For hydroponics and soil: pH

-       Frequency and volume of replenishment or addition

-       Container height

-       Other container dimensions

-       For soil: soil penetration strength (Pa m2); water retention capacity (g g1 dry weight); organic matter content (%); porosity (%)

-       Rooting medium temperature

-       For soil: concentration of P and other nutrients before start of the experiment

-       For soil: total extractableNat the end of the experiment