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Monitoring of the environmental conditions

Many existing phenotyping platforms have very limited tools for environmental characterization. Commercially available platforms in controlled conditions provide no-built in solution for collection, storage and analysis of environmental data. Standardization of the acquisition of environmental data, though, is the key in phenotyping experiments and these protocols need to be widely available for the phenotyping community. For example it is a daunting task to monitor the environment governing every single plant in an experiment with hundreds of plants. Thus, practical guidelines are needed for issues such as how to do a representative monitoring of environment in a phenotyping experiment.

An accurate description of the experimental conditions is one of the key requirements in experiments and it would greatly help in reproducing the experiments, or identify factors which affect the reproducibility which may occur when experiments are performed under different environmental cnditions. The figure below summarizes the important parameters that should be addessed and described for every experiment.The summary of minimum requrements needed to address this parameters is geven in: >>Minimum Requirements.